Program Type

Music Pups®

Our most popular parent/child program, for children ages birth through 4 years old. Centers offering parent/child classes start with Music Pups and have the option to add on our other programs.

  • This award-winning program is designed to nurture the musical development of young children by motivating parents / caregivers to engage in musical activities with their children. Through teacher modeling, play, parent education, our acclaimed music and the joy of our classes, Music Pups provides a catalyst for parents to create a stimulating musical environment for their child.
  • Classes of 6 - 12 children meet once a week, usually for a 10-week session. Families attend the same class each week, allowing the children bond with the teacher and classmates.
  • We recommend mixed-age classes so that children of different ages (such as siblings) can enjoy class together.


Bring quality music education to preschools and childcare centers.

  • The MusiCanopy program features award-winning music and a 3-year rotating curriculum with new music each year.
  • Our play-based teaching approach centers on engaging movement activities and fun musical instruments to make music time a highlight of every child’s day.
  • Schools are provided with online training and detailed lesson plans make it easy for classroom teachers or music specialists to lead the program. 
  • Families are given access to the music on the TMC Tunes app so that children will be immersed in the same music both at school and at home.

For information about offering MusiCanopy, contact us.