TMC Teacher Training

Prepare to Teach Music Class with Fun and Accessible Teacher Training!

"Teaching The Music Class was one of the best decisions I made when I left the public school system and opened my own studio 7 years ago. The pedagogy is sound, the music awesome, and the staff of TMC are supportive and great to work with. To top it off, the program is great fun for families and for teachers!"
- Colleen Lindenbach, Music and Play Inc

The Music Class has developed 12 collections of music and accompanying lesson plans and curricula. This provides three years of classes with new songs and activities in each session. As a TMC center director, you will receive access to virtual teacher training materials for every collection that you teach. 

Let's Get Started! The Music Class Start-Up Training

All centers using The Music Class materials are required to purchase "The Music Class Start-Up Training" for the purpose of training their teacher(s). Teaching centers that employ more than one teacher at their studio(s) need only purchase one start-up training. The Online Start-Up Training includes:

  • Background research and educational philosophy
  • Detailed guidance on how to teach your own classes
  • Extensive video examples of our teaching methods in actual classes
  • Review questions to confirm understanding

In addition, all centers that purchase the Start-Up Training receive:

  • A Center Listing Page with contact information on The Music Class web page - regardless if you decide to use our website as your class registration system
  • A complimentary set of materials (music & songbook on our app) for each session you teach
  • Online access to our session-specific training for each session you teach
  • Teaching suggestions and lesson plans for each song collection
  • Phone and email support from our corporate team in Atlanta