TMC Website

TMC's proprietary website provides every center with a free contact page where you can post announcements and your contact information. For a minimal fee, centers in the Americas can choose to use our cloud administration system. 

Cloud Administration enables you to take online registrations from your customers who pay with a credit card. You can also process checks or cash payments manually from the administration part of the site. Your tuition fees processed through the TMC website go directly to your bank, staying completely separate from corporate TMC accounts.

The fee to take advantage of the full suite of tools in our Cloud Administration system is $12.50 per month. Credit card processing fees are separate and payable to Stripe

If you would like to offer non-TMC programs using our system, a fee of $1 per student registered in your non-TMC program is charged.

Benefits for your customers include:

  • Families can register at their convenience, day or night. Teachers receive notifications of new students immediately, and updated rosters are always available for online viewing or to print out.
  • Families get access to their music on The Music Class app as soon as they are placed in a class, regardless of if you will supply them with hard copies or not.
  • Families can self-schedule makeup classes if you offer them, as well as absences.
  • Repeat families get an automatic "repeated collection discount" if they took the same collection before.
  • Provide automated prorated prices for families that enroll after the start of the session.
  • Priority enrollment so that currently enrolled families get first dibs on the upcoming session. 
  • Management of your marketing email list.
  • Promotion codes offer discounts in a variety of ways.
  • Gift certificates purchased and redeemed on your site. 
  • An "events" section that allows you to post and manage one-time events. Events can require payment from customers or be free.
  • Create and design additional pages to appear on your website, marketing blocks, family notifications, and more.

Benefits for you include:

  • Easy and fast processing of customer payments
  • Class rosters including student ages and class dates
  • Complete records of all students, classes, & registrations
  • Download reports providing you the easy ability to send emails to all families in your database or to specified groups
  • Use “Events” to create concerts, a class that meets one time only, demonstration classes, private lessons, and more. 
  • Administrative tools include registrations, customization of class sizes and sessions, timesheets for teachers, and much more!