The Music Class Big Kids

Age range
4 years–6 years

Children attend with their caregivers.
Not available in all locations.

In August, 2023 we changed the name of our "Music Cats" program to "The Music Class Big Kids."

The Music Class® Big Kids 

Music Classes for Four-Year-Olds through Six-Year-Olds

Music Cats Program

The Music Class Big Kids includes the same FUN spirit as The Music Class, with more challenging activities designed to capitalize on the ability and creativity of “big kids". Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes, in 10-week sessions (At Home session lengths and class times may vary). Families receive a recording and songbook each session with a broad variety of sounds and activities designed to stimulate musical learning (the same recording used in The Music Class), plus an additional Big Kids practice recording. We strongly encourage students interested in taking our Keyboard Class to take The Music Class Big Kids first.  

Why should I attend The Music Class Big Kids?

Improve Pitch and Rhythm Skills!

In addition to TMC-style singing and movement activities, we include rhythm games to help master steady beat and phrasing, pitch activities to gain control over their developing voices, and individualized tonal and rhythm instruction to challenge each student at his or her own level.

Develop Critical Listening Skills!

Students practice identifying when notes are correct or incorrect when listening to familiar songs. 

Develop Creative Listening Skills!

While listening to classical music, we ask our students to use their imagination to create a picture in their mind of what the music makes them think of.

Learn about Instruments!

Big Kid classes offer an introduction to band and orchestra instruments, and opportunities to practice identifying the sounds they produce.

Practice both Leadership and Following Directions!

Frequent opportunities to stand in front of the class and lead activities and musical games that require concentration to follow the conductor not only prepare our students for instrumental instruction but also teach skills that will help in their academic classrooms.


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