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Infant–5 years

We have updated the name of our "MusiCanopy" program to "The Music Class® for Schools and Childcare Centers.”  It is the same wonderful program, just with a new name that reflects the connection of the program to The Music Class library of songs.

Music For Preschools, Family Care, and Childcare Centers. 

Best Preschool Music Curriculum


The Music Class® is excited to help support your needs as a child care provider. We are a family-owned company of music educators whose focus is on providing the best music program available, while also supporting early learning outcomes and overall healthy child development. 

Our focus on flexibility includes options to teach the program during the school day or as an after-school class. The Music Class for Schools and Childcare Centers can be taught by classroom teachers (we promise you can do it!) or by music specialists. 


Now available in 2 annual subscription options to match your needs and budget. We also have a 1-semester trial available.

Make Music - that is beloved by children, teachers, and educators.

Recordings feature jazz, classical, rock, blues, opera, African American spirituals, bluegrass, and traditional songs from all over the world. We are proud to offer the highest quality music education for young children with songs that both children and adults can enjoy.

Make Connections - through reinforcing musical learning at home.

Music is not only for the classroom! All families receive the music on an easy-to-use app, bringing the joy of music home, reinforcing musical learning, and improving home-to-school connections.

Make it Easy - with a curriculum that supports you.

Songs about daily routines seamlessly integrate great music into your day. Musical activities are aligned with Early Learning Outcomes to support overall developmental goals. Song instructions include videos to make implementing MusiCanopy quick and easy for busy teachers.


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