The Top 10 Most Fun Food Songs for Kids!

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The Top 10 Most Fun Food Songs for Kids!


Hello, all of you wonderful people! I have a very important question for you. Do you… know the muffin man? I bet you do, because you are reading this blog which means you have/love/teach a child which means you definitely know the muffin man.

There is nothing more perfect than singing about something that is already a part of your child’s day because it is such a natural and meaningful way to incorporate musical learning. This is why a huge portion of The Music Class songs include taking suggestions from kids about what they want to sing about; whether it is their favorite colorfavorite animal, or favorite Food, Glorious Food! 

While researching the best food songs for kids, I realized that something about food must lend itself to particularly silly lyrics. So please enjoy this list of the 10 most fun, giggle-inducing, and practically useful food songs for kids! 


1. Cheesy Chant

I am biased (I wrote this song), but my favorite food song of the moment is “Cheesy Chant” from The Monkey Collection. It’s funny. It’s catchy. It’s about cheese. What more could you want? Well, you could want to see some incredibly adorable children singing Cheesy Chant! Here you go!


**You can see EK adapting the chant to sing about the color cheese that she’s eating! This is wonderful!


2. C is For Cookie

This Sesame Street song will always be one of the greats. Below you’ll see the classic version of “C is For Cookie,” and Grammy Award-winning opera singer Marilyn Horne singing an operatic version! 


*For more amazing videos of musicians singing on Sesame Street, see The Alphabet Song blog! 


3. Apples and Bananas

I remember thinking this song was so hilarious as a child, and I hope your children will too! Something about pronouncing common words in silly ways really gets preschoolers giggling. Here is an old video of Raffi himself performing the tune, as well as a super cute kid performance! 



4. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off (Potato, Po-tah-toh)

In the same vein of mispronouncing fruit, we need to add “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” to the list. Even though this song is a jazz standard and not specifically written for children, it is still perfect as a fun food song you can sing with your kids. Please enjoy this incredible youth jazz band from Barcelona performing the song!


5. On Top of Spaghetti

One of the silliest food songs ever has to be “On Top of Spaghetti.” Here is a rare old Disney video of Little Richard singing the tune!


6. Cheesecake

I guarantee this is the funniest Louis Armstrong song you have never heard. Please enjoy this video where everyone on stage is clearly cracking up and having the best time! 


7. If All The Rain Drops

The Music Class families will recognize this silly food song from The Giraffe Collection! Below is the classic Barney version all my fellow millennials will remember from our childhood. 

**Check out more great rain songs here!


8. I’m a Little Teapot

Benedict Cumberbatch does the most hilarious, dramatic reading of “I’m a Little Teapot.”


9. Spoon Full of Sugar

It’s Mary Poppins. Need I say more? 


10. Cheeseburger in Paradise

This Jimmy Buffet classic is another example of a song written for adults that your children will also enjoy!


The end! I hope you’re hungry! 

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