Age range
Infant–5 years
Designed for preschools, child care centers, and home-based caregivers.

MusiCanopy® Preschool Program

Best Preschool Music Curriculum

Make Music. Make Connections. Make it Easy.

The Music Class® is excited to offer our MusiCanopy® curriculum, designed to help support your needs as a child care provider. We are a family-owned company of music educators whose focus is on providing the best music program available, while also supporting early learning outcomes and overall healthy child development. MusiCanopy makes it easy to integrate music into daily routines both in the classroom and at home, providing evidence-based instruction to learn through creativity and play. The curriculum features songs from around the world and a wide variety of rhythms, tonalities, and styles that are beloved not only by children but by their teachers and families as well.

MusiCanopy’s focus on flexibility includes options to teach the program during the school day or as an after-school class. MusiCanopy can be taught by classroom teachers (we promise you can do it!) or by music specialists. 

Make Music - that is beloved by children, teachers, and educators.

Recordings feature jazz, classical, rock, blues, opera, African American spirituals, bluegrass, and traditional songs from all over the world. We are proud to offer the highest quality music education for young children with songs that both children and adults can enjoy.

Make Connections - through reinforcing musical learning at home.

Music is not only for the classroom! All families receive the music on an easy-to-use app, bringing the joy of music home, reinforcing musical learning, and improving home-to-school connections.

Make it Easy - with a curriculum that supports you.

Songs about daily routines seamlessly integrate great music into your day. Musical activities are aligned with Early Learning Outcomes to support overall developmental goals. Song instructions include videos to make implementing MusiCanopy quick and easy for busy teachers.




Click on the images to listen to our song samples

Johnny Giraffe
Johnny Giraffe
A Lion
A Lion
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear
Coming Round The Mountain
Coming 'Round the Mountain
Senor El Coqui
Señor El Coqui
Alphabet Song
Alphabet Song
Go to Sleep
Go to Sleep
Panda Pete
Panda Pete
Riding in my Car Now
Riding In My Car Now
1, 2, 3 clap with me
1, 2, 3, Clap With Me


A huge success!

"MusiCanopy has been a huge success for us. I hear the children singing as I walk down the halls of our school, on the playground, riding on the bus together-everywhere! It's wonderful to hear the teachers on all age levels using the curriculum. We can't wait to get our next song collection!"

—Elisabeth Stewart Graham, School Director

Simple and effective!

"MusiCanopy is simple to use, effective and keeps my pre-k students alert and responsive. The CD's provided are geared to learning the basic fundamentals of music. I would recommend this program to all early childhood educators."

—Linda Bruehl, Teacher

MusiCanopy helped me tremendously!

"The MusiCanopy curriculum has helped me tremendously in teaching music to my young students. The children have enjoyed it so much, and I have received plenty of positive feedback from parents. It is very rewarding to hear from parents how much their children are enjoying music now, and about all the singing they are doing at home--unassisted!"

—Laura June McDuffie, Music Specialist

Our children love it!

"Our children love having MusiCanopy as part of their school day! They love the catchy tunes, the engaging movement activities, and maybe most of all, the fun of making up new words to familiar melodies. I am amazed when I hear a very small child singing a MusiCanopy song on the playground or in the hallway, because I know this music has become a part of who this child is."

—Dr. Ann Brightwell McCord, Director of the Oak Grove Young Children's School

Truly enriching!

"MusiCanopy is truly an enriching program. It is wonderful to see the parents participate in circle time with their children. Parents and children are singing down the hallway to class each morning. Teachers are excited about introducing new songs with new ways to move to the music. It has been a great success!"

—Kathleen Dixon, Executive Director, First Steps Academy

Great asset of our school!

"I would just like to thank The Music Class for the MusiCanopy program. It has proven to be one of the greatest assets of our school.The children, parents and teachers absolutely love it! The music speaks for itself. It has served as an icebreaker for shy students and has been a sense of comfort for anxious children that are joining our program for the first time. The songs are delightful and easy to learn. Our teachers are finding it very beneficial as well. They are able to tie music into the lesson plan each week and with such a wide variety of songs, we are always able to find one that relates to what we are studying. The teachers have also commented on how helpful and informative the training classes are! After each training class, the teachers are more and more confident and excited to take the music program to the next level. As a Director, I am so appreciative of your professionalism and commitment to ensuring that our school is reaping all of the benefits of the program through training, instrument selections, training manuals, lesson plans and CDs. It has been a wonderful experience working with you!"

—Eileen Ross, Director, Vinings Creative Learning Center