Age range

Designed for babies who have not started walking yet.
Children attend with their parent/caregiver.
Not available in all locations.


Music Classes for Babies who are not yet Walking

Infant Program


The Music Class Infant Program includes the same fun spirit as Music Pups, with activities designed especially for little ones that have not begun to walk. The songs feature the same varied and complex musical elements that can be found in all TMC collections. Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes, in 10-week sessions (session lengths may vary slightly). Families receive the TMC "Infant A" or "Infant B" song collection, as well as the award-winning TMC Lullaby Collection!

Why should I take the Infant program?

Maximize the Optimal Learning Period of Infancy!

Research has shown that music enrichment during infancy is particularly powerful in enabling children to achieve their full musical potential. Young infants’ brains are developing at a faster rate than older children. By starting children in The Music Class at infancy, we are taking advantage of this critical development period and making the most difference in their abilities for the rest of their lives!

Connect with other Parents of Infants!

At TMC we recognize the need for parents of infants to connect socially and to share parenting experiences. While class is full of music-making, the pace is relaxed and supportive of non-musical needs as well.

The Perfect Stepping Stone into older Music Classes!

The Infant program is the perfect introduction to music education and will set your baby up for success in older TMC programs. At The Music Class, we have over 20 years of experience watching children who started attending classes at infancy grow to be musical leaders as they progressed through our programs and beyond.