Age range
Infant–4 years

Children attend with their caregivers.

Family Yoga

The Music Class Family Yoga


Family Yoga is the innovative program from The Music Class that blends yoga and music to inspire a foundation of mindful living for the whole family. By utilizing the award-winning recordings of The Music Class, yoga becomes a fun and accessible activity you and your child can enjoy together. Our Family Yoga classes are mixed-age classes that allow siblings of all ages to attend together. Families are provided with the music used in class and a library of videos so that yoga can be integrated into their daily lives. Classes meet once a week for 35 - 45 minutes, in 10-week sessions (At Home session lengths and class times may vary). We use a mix from TMC’s library of 12 song collections, which allows your family to enjoy new music each session.


Why should I take Family Yoga?


Physical and Developmental Benefits!

Practicing yoga can improve your child’s balance and coordination. The postures practiced will help to increase physical flexibility as various muscles are stretched and used in new ways! Activities focus on building body-awareness, which is important for a child’s healthy development. 

Improved Mental Well-Being!

Studies have shown that yoga can help improve self-regulation, stress relief and confidence in children. In addition to physical postures, your child will learn breathing exercises that can be used as a relaxation method in stressful situations. Confidence is built as your child succeeds at accomplishing poses from week to week.

Parent/Child Bonding Time!

A very special bond forms as you and your child learn new poses and breathing exercises together. You will have fun as you assist them in accomplishing poses. Classes end with a relaxation/bonding time, giving you a special moment in the day to focus just on your child.

Learn Music at the Same Time!

Music makes learning yoga fun and exciting for children, and gives them a meaningful framework in which to practice the poses. The high-quality of The Music Class music exposes them to a wide variety of musical sounds and styles, providing them with many of the benefits of a Music Pups class.