Animal Songs for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

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Animal Songs for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

This week’s blog is a celebration of animal songs! Perfectly scheduled in time for Earth Day 2021, if we do say so ourselves. Animal songs for children are prolific because they’re such an easily relatable and intuitively exciting topic. Yes, of course, we want to sing about our pets and stuffed animals! 

At the bottom of this page, I linked all the past blogs about animal songs in case you want to revisit some of your favorites from previous collections. This week we are going to focus on exceptionally cute videos of animal songs from different types of Music Class programs, including our preschool MusiCanopy program and keyboard Sound Habits program. I hope this will help you visualize how your child can continue to learn and grow and love animal songs throughout every stage of their education! Now go sing about all of the animals that are important to your family, whether they are pets, toys, or imaginary friends!


Do You Know What I See? (MusiCanopy Preschool Class) 

MusiCanopy preschool classes are the only TMC program where parents or caregivers are not in the room with their children. But if you watch this video, you’ll see how well each child knows the song. How?? Because in MusiCanopy every family still gets the music to take home on their app! We know immersion is the best strategy for learning music, so it’s always important for families to be able to do music at home and not only in the classroom. Please specifically watch the little girl to the right of Ms. Jen enthusiastically acting out every line of the song. She’s amazing!


Riding my Pony (Sound Habits Keyboard Year Two) 

The Sound Habits Keyboard classes teach children how to play by ear first, think like a musician second, and read music third. All of these things are important, but it really helps children to find themselves creatively and develop their critical listening skills to learn piano in this order! If you are lucky enough to get into Mr. Rob’s Keyboard Two class, each student spends the semester working on their own original composition and then records it to create their own personal hit! “Riding My Pony” is Nicholas’s incredibly catchy, incredibly amazing original composition. I have watched this video on repeat, and I bet you will too. 


Rocking Horse (Music Pups in Chinese and English) 

This video was filmed for our families in China who use Music Class to help them learn English! If you speak a second (or third, or fourth!) language at home, singing in both languages is a really excellent, easy, and natural way for children to learn! Please feel free to giggle at me struggling to give instructions in Chinese, and also be amazed at how easily some of our English-speaking kids picked up the Chinese animal names! 


I Hear the Doggie Singing (Music Class Teachers Getting Silly) 

Here we have our Atlanta Music Class teachers embracing their inner child (per usual) and singing to their pets. No one said you can’t enjoy animal songs even as an adult!!



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